Mario Bellini “Camaleonda” Modular Sofa for B&B, Bouclé Wool, 1970, Set of 6


Mario Bellini “Camaleonda” modular sofa for B&B Italia, bouclé wool, Italy, 1970, set of six.

“Camaleonda” is an icon, rediscovered. It was one of the truly modular sofa designs, evolving through contemporary living rooms like a wonderfully soft wave. Bellini revisited the possibilities of buttoned upholstery in a way that gives form to a modular frameless seating system. The deep three-dimensional padding of the seats is marked by a sophisticated interplay of bands, eyelets, and spring catches. Details included border stitching, anchoring cord, and spring catches.
By hooking and unhooking seats, backrests, and armrests, you can enjoy the luxury of changing your mind as many times as you desire, moving and redesigning the space.

We offer custom restoration and special reupholstering on request. Our atelier enhances Italy’s excellence by providing dedicated and tailor-made customization services. Contact us for additional information.


Height: 23.63 in. (60 cm)
Width: 35.44 in. (90 cm)
Depth: 35.44 in. (90 cm)
Seat Height: 15.75 in. (40 cm)








Our atelier carefully restored and reupholstered the sofa in bouclé wool. Slight signs of use and time.

The sofa can be reupholstered in any material. Our atelier would be glad to customize the finishing and composition of your piece. Available additional chairs (small and big), backrests and armrests on request.

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